ALP Finally Recognises LNP’s Wisdom



Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Planning, Small Business, Employment and Trade Tim Nichols has welcomed Labor’s acknowledgement of the LNP’s plan for opening up the Galilee Basin.

“As the LNP has always said the expansion of Abbot Point is a vital component in developing the resources sector in North Queensland,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Under the LNP proposal, Queensland taxpayers were never going to foot the final bill for the expansion of this vital piece of infrastructure.

“Never forget Labor originally approved the dredging of 38 million cubic metres of dredge spoil; the equivalent of filling Lang Park 80 times over, we wound that back to three million cubic metres and unlike Labor we weren’t dumping it at sea.

“The Labor Party were environmental vandals. We continually demonstrated that we could grow our economy and create jobs while maintaining high environmental standards.”

Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines, State Development and Northern Development Andrew Cripps says the greatest challenge for Queensland will be trusting the Labor Party to see the expansion through to its completion.

“Unlike Labor we recognised the importance of the project not only to the resources sector but also for job creation in regional Queensland,” Mr Cripps said.

“I hope now there is no loss of momentum with the project having to go through a new approvals process.

“I would hate to think additional barriers are placed on the project, but with Labor pandering to their Green supporters there is still a chance the project could face death by a thousand cuts.

“Labor has a poor track record when it comes to balancing environmental concerns with economic development and job creation.

“The LNP delivered real solutions for both the short and long term benefit of the Queensland economy and environment.”

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