An LNP Government will deliver a $10 million upgrade to the road network in the vicinity of Bluewater State School to improve safety for students, parents and staff getting to and from school.

Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, said the LNP was committed to ensuring local families and communities were supported with good infrastructure on Townsville’s growing Northern Beaches.

Mr Cripps said the road works would include an extension of Ditton Street through to Bluewater Drive and an upgrade of Feldt Street and Bluewater Drive intersections with the Bruce Highway.

“For many years, especially at peak drop-off and pick-up times, there have been safety concerns about the movement of traffic on the road network around Bluewater State School” said Mr Cripps.

“Bluewater State School is growing and is under an Enrolment Management Plan, which means it has a lot of students attending and this has resulted in a very busy, crowded school” he said.

“These upgrades, especially the extension of Ditton Street through to Bluewater Drive, will reduce the pressure on the Feldt Street intersection with the Bruce Highway during these peak periods”.

“The LNP is focused on making sure Queensland’s children receive the best possible education and that includes students getting to and from their local school safely, including at Bluewater”.

Mr Cripps said under an LNP Government, he would ensure that the planning and design phase of the project carefully considered feedback form the local school community and nearby residents.

“Parents and teachers observe the traffic moving around this site every day and so it is essential that their feedback is incorporated into this upgrade of the road network around the school”.

“I am committed to working with the Townsville City Council to achieve a beneficial outcome for the local community here and this $10 million commitment will help make the project happen”.

“In particular, the Parents and Citizens Association at Bluewater State School has played a huge role in advocating for these traffic safety improvements and I am keen to support their efforts”.

Mr Cripps said the planned road works in the Bluewater area would also include an upgrade of the intersection of Toolakea Beach Road and the Bruce Highway, north of Bluewater Creek.

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