One Nation has gone completely against its campaign slogan of ‘putting people before politics’ by choosing to direct preferences to Labor over the LNP in the electorate of Hinchinbrook.

By placing Labor ahead of the LNP in Hinchinbrook, One Nation is saying that it prefers the Palaszczuk Labor Government and its policies, over the policies of the LNP in Queensland.

This is a strange and confusing decision, when Labor’s policies pander to the Greens, who want to shut down our industries, take away our jobs and restrict our lifestyle in North Queensland.

I don’t believe the people of the Hinchinbrook electorate want the Palaszczuk Labor Government re-elected with the help of preferences from One Nation, but that is what One Nation has done.

How can One Nation possibly justify this decision, unless there is something else going on here? One Nation has not put ‘people before politics’ – One Nation has put politics before people.

One Nation needs to explain to the people of the Hinchinbrook electorate why its preferences are going to Labor ahead of the LNP. What aren’t One Nation telling us? What are they hiding?

People who were thinking about voting One Nation in Hinchinbrook might want to think again. Did you expect your preferences to go to Labor? Do you want the Palaszczuk Government re-elected?

One Nation is playing politics with your vote. It’s now clear that there is only one safe way to vote at this election in Hinchinbrook and that’s to Vote 1 for Andrew Cripps and the LNP.


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