Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, has backed the Federal LNP Government’s strong border protection policies during a debate in the Queensland Parliament last week.

Mr Cripps said the debate was brought on by the LNP Opposition after a number of Federal Labor candidates had called for the policy of ‘turning back the boats’ to be repealed.

“One of the many things I am proud of as the Member for Hinchinbrook is the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity that exists in our community and the harmony we enjoy” said Mr Cripps.

“The Hinchinbrook electorate reflects the colourful history of our country and we celebrate our ethnic and cultural diversity by extending respect to all and not imposing on each other” he said.

“This all works because we embrace the fundamental values of what it means to be an Australian—a commitment to democracy, a fair go for all and respect for the rule of law”.

“As a representative of my local community with all this diversity and history of migration, I know that the overwhelming majority also strongly support robust border protection policies”.

Mr Cripps said the people-smuggling industry has not, is not and never should be given any legitimacy by being accommodated as part of Australia’s immigration policy.

“People smugglers exploit people for money and risk their lives – it is extraordinary that some people continue to advocate for policies that give encouragement to people smugglers”.

“It is perfectly reasonable for the people to expect their government to take all reasonable steps to keep them safe, including by knowing exactly who is coming through Australia’s borders”.

“Wanting such a level of security is not intolerant or narrow-minded – it is natural to want these movements to occur in an orderly fashion and stop the sordid business of people smuggling”.

“The policy of turning back the boats is strongly supported by the overwhelming majority of Australians and I’m very confident that includes my community in the Hinchinbrook electorate”.

Mr Cripps said given the number of deaths at sea under Federal Labor’s failed border protection polices, he strongly supported the Federal LNP’s ‘turn back the boats policy’.

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