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Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, has warned North Queenslanders the announced review of regional crocodile management plans was a sign that common sense policies were under threat from the new Labor Government and its links to the green movement.

Mr Cripps said the announcement by new Environment Minister, Steven Miles, during his first trip to North Queensland, signaled the former LNP Government’s work to increase public safety would be watered down and was a worry for local communities in the north.

“The regional management plans put in place by the LNP were sensible and based on a level of risk, particularly around boat ramps, stinger nets and other public areas and were developed in consultation with local councils and other stakeholders’ said Mr Cripps.

“What we are seeing here is the thin end of the wedge – Labor is moving to deliver part of the payoff to the greens in south east Queensland in return for their preferences at the recent election and public safety in North Queensland will be compromised” he said.

“Labor said absolutely nothing about this during the election campaign but you can bet your boots it was on the list of demands the Greens made in return for preferences in key seats in south east Queensland and now it’s time to deliver” said Mr Cripps.

“I wonder how the volunteers in community organisations such as our Surf Lifesaving Clubs feel about what this could mean for the safety of their members and the general public and did they, or anyone else know about this review before the election?” said Mr Cripps.

Mr Cripps said increasing numbers of crocodiles in recent decades had resulted in local communities expressing concern about public safety and while previous Labor Government’s had ignored the problem, the LNP had acted to address them.


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