Fishing Huts

The re-election of a Labor Government has opened the door for the greens to target North Queensland, with the Environment Minister digging up an old proposal to remove a number of long established fishing huts in the Herbert River District.

Member for Hinchinbrook Andrew Cripps said he wasn’t surprised Labor was moving quickly to do the Greens’ bidding.

“The Palaszczuk Government has indicated they won’t proceed with the LNP’s proposal to save a number of fishing huts located within the Halifax Bay Wetlands National Park,” Mr Cripps said.

“These fishing huts have been there long before the National Park was declared by the former Bligh Government, which failed to undertake any consultation with the local community.

“This typifies the arrogance of Labor towards the people of North Queensland.

“The Environment Minister has not even been here to see what he is talking about, yet we wants to interfere with our lifestyle to satisfy the Greens.”

Mr Cripps said the former LNP Government went through a long and involved process, including a scientific review of Queensland’s National Parks and consultation with the local community, before moving to provide security for the fishing huts.

“In stark contrast to Labor’s approach, the LNP established a pathway to provide access and certainty for locals to pursue an iconic recreational activity in the North – going fishing.

“Labor’s inexperienced Environment Minister from inner-city Brisbane looks set to get his way because Labor MPs in Townsville and Cairns haven’t got the ticker to stare down this nonsense.

“The Greenies are back to haunt North Queensland and the rubbish they are now carrying on with about these fishing huts should be a warning to all North Queenslanders of what’s to come.”

Mr Cripps said the former LNP Government had worked with locals to move towards a permit to occupy system for the fishing huts in Halifax Bay, in keeping with tenure arrangements for fishing huts elsewhere in North Queensland.

“I made a commitment in 2012 that the fishing huts would be safe if the LNP was elected and I kept that promise, but now that Labor is back in government the Greens are calling the shots and sadly North Queensland is in the firing line.”