Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, has condemned the Palaszczuk Labor Government for concealing a report which supported a coal fired based load power station in North Queensland.

Mr Cripps said Labor’s ideological opposition to coal fired power generation was preventing North Queensland households and businesses from accessing more affordable and reliable energy.

“The shocking revelation that the Palaszczuk Government was hiding this report is an outrageous betrayal of North Queenslanders who are battling to pay increasing power bills” said Mr Cripps.

“Affordable and reliable supply of power is a critical issue for North Queenslanders right now and for Labor to deliberately keep this report a secret is a disgrace that can’t be forgiven” he said.

“This report was commissioned by the Palaszczuk Government, but when the results came back supporting a new base load, coal fired power station in North Queensland, they didn’t like it”.

“Labor is clearly willing to put preferences from the Greens at the coming state election ahead of the real need to reduce the cost of living for North Queensland families and protecting local jobs”.

Mr Cripps said the report found that the construction of a coal fired, base load power station in North Queensland would reduce power bills and secure the supply of power to the region.

“The LNP has given a commitment to facilitate the approvals for a new base load, coal fired power station in North Queensland, because we have listened to the community and industry leaders”.

“I am shocked that Labor MPs in North Queensland have been part of a politically motivated cover up – they should be focused on securing affordable and more reliable power for our region”.

“I am also amazed that the Katter Party has announced that it would block a new coal fired, base load power station for North Queensland if it has any influence after the coming state election”.

“This irresponsible policy will create huge uncertainty for potential investors in this vital piece of infrastructure for the region – the Katter Party is undermining job security in North Queensland”.

Mr Cripps said the only way for North Queensland to secure a pathway to a new base load, coal fired power station in North Queensland was to vote for the LNP at the election on 25 November.

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