Labor fiddled Adani tune while North Queensland burned



  • The Palaszczuk Government’s much-publicised support for Adani Carmichael Coal Mine exposed as nothing more than a publicity stunt
  • Opposition Question on Notice reveals Coordinator-General hasn’t used powers provided to him to progress Adani’s coal mine, rail infrastructure, or water infrastructure approvals
  • More than 20 approvals secured for Carmichael project but none facilitated by Anthony Lynham’s declaration in October 2016

The Palaszczuk Government’s much publicised declaration of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine as a “prescribed and critical infrastructure project”, has proven to be nothing more than a self-serving publicity stunt.

Shadow Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said despite Labor making the announcement with significant fanfare in October 2016, a Question on Notice* from the LNP Opposition revealed the Coordinator-General had not yet intervened to progress any approvals associated with Adani’s project.

“More than 20 approvals had been secured for the Carmichael coal mine, but none of them have been facilitated by Minister Lynham’s much celebrated declaration in October 2016,” Mr Cripps said.

“Despite all the carry-on and back-slapping, the Palaszczuk Government hasn’t actually lifted a finger to help open up the Galilee Basin to deliver the jobs and investment Central and North Queensland desperately needs.

“Thankfully Adani has had the patience and perseverance to secure its approvals and permits the hard way – without any assistance from Labor, despite all of its hollow public statements of support for the Carmichael project.”

The answer to the Question on Notice, submitted by Mr Cripps to Minister Lynham, revealed that the Coordinator-General had not utilised the powers provided to him to progress Adani’s coal mine, rail infrastructure, or water infrastructure approvals.

“This declaration could have been made at any time since the Palaszczuk Government came into office in February 2015, so why has Anthony Lynham been fiddling for 18 months while North and Central Queensland have been crying out for new jobs?” he said.

“After almost two years of delays and ideological ‘law-fare’ from extreme green activists, Labor suddenly wanders in with ‘special powers’ – but the Coordinator-General hasn’t used them.

“Given it intervened to delay the expansion of the port at Abbot Point, Labor is sending more damaging mixed messages about its support for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine project – and Queenslanders have had enough.”










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