Labor rogue to skew FIFO inquiry

LNP Shadow Minister for Mines Andrew Cripps has questioned the suitability of rogue Labor MP for Mirani MP Jim Pearce to chair a parliamentary inquiry into FIFO arrangements in the resources sector.

Mr Cripps said Mr Pearce’s capacity to chair the parliamentary inquiry impartially was in doubt after he delivered an extended rant against mining companies involved in the Queensland resources sector.

“The Queensland Resources Council was so concerned it wrote directly to the Premier seeking an assurance that the views expressed my Mr Pearce did not reflect those of the new Labor Government,” he said.

“Today in Question Time I asked Labor’s Mines Minister if the Member for Mirani’s comments reflected the views of the government and after some ducking and weaving, the Minster cut Mr Pearce loose.

“Mr Pearce is now Labor’s lone wolf on mining industry policies and issues concerning the development of the resources sector, but the question for the Premier is whether or not the Member for Mirani is fit to chair the parliament’s FIFO inquiry.”

Mr Cripps said the Mirani MP had launched an unnecessarily scathing attack on a number of mining companies during a speech to the Queensland Parliament, demonstrating that he was stuck in the past on resource sector issues.

“As someone who frequently reminds the public that he was formerly a miner, I would have thought Mr Pearce would be more up to date about how the resources sector is tackling many of the issues he raised during his speech to the parliament,” he said.

“It was totally inappropriate for Mr Peace to denigrate an entire industry, companies that employ thousands of Queenslanders and contribute billions of dollars to the state’s economy.

“What we saw yesterday was a contribution from Mr Pearce that saw him deliver a message the union bosses from the CFMEU had given him and that does not bode well for the independence of the current FIFO inquiry being undertaken by the committee of which he is the chair.

“Labor cut Mr Pearce loose today in parliament and they should follow through and remove him from his role as chair of the parliamentary FIFO inquiry, after he had already come under fire for stating that he had already made up his mind before the committee had heard any evidence.”