Container deposit

 The LNP has committed to a policy that will address one of Queensland’s major environmental issues – cans and bottles littering our streets, roadsides and waterways and creating land fill issues – while engaging the community to become involved.

Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, said he was proud the LNP had committed to introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS) that would see Queenslanders refunded 10 cents for aluminium, glass and plastic containers returned for recycling.

Mr Cripps said the CDS was consistent with the LNP’s commitment to grassroots environmental initiatives that had a real benefit and that the scheme would bring Queensland in line with other states across Australia that had similar programs.

“I’m really pleased with this practical policy from the LNP – it’s a great win for the environment and it will reduce visual pollution while encouraging the involvement of businesses, charities and individuals to be involved in recycling” said Mr Cripps.

“This scheme could also be a win for community groups who could earn funds for their activities at the same time as participating in a recycling initiative that will benefit their local area in terms of a cleaner environment – it’s a great policy” he said.

Mr Cripps said in other Australian states where a CDS had been introduced, more than 80 per cent of consumers returned containers and a 2015 Newspoll showed 85 per cent of Queenslanders supported the proposal being established in their state.

“Hopefully, a CDS will boost Queensland’s position on the National Litter Index – Queensland currently sits on the bottom of the Australian ladder with a litter rate of 41 per cent higher than the national average, with 72 items of litter per 1000 m2”.

“The LNP is leading the way to clean up Queensland – this is a landmark policy to better protect our environment that I’m sure will be far more beneficial and useful than some of the questionable policies we see coming out of Labor and the Greens”.

Mr Cripps said litter was one of the most serious problems facing our environment and the impact of litter, especially plastic on animal life, in particular marine animals and birds, underlined the need for the LNPs container deposit scheme policy.


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