Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, says the Queensland LNP will act to resolve the ongoing dispute plaguing the Queensland sugar industry, if Wilmar and QSL do not commit to resolving their on supply agreement differences by 28 February 2017.

Mr Cripps said the Queensland LNP today announced it will give Wilmar and QSL 48 hours to commit to finalising an on-supply agreement by 28 February 2017, or it would introduce a bill into the Queensland Parliament to end the damaging uncertainty.

“The Queensland LNP sorted out the dispute between growers and millers by passing amendments to the Sugar Industry Act in December 2015 and we will sort out this dispute between Wilmar and QSL if they can’t do it themselves” said Mr Cripps.

“The problem is growers in Wilmar mill are unable to finalise a cane supply agreement unless there is an on-supply agreement between Wilmar and the grower selected marketing entity – in this case QSL – so the whole process is paralysed” he said.

“This situation has created an unprecedented level of uncertainty for cane growing communities between Ingham and Sarina and the Queensland LNP is not prepared to allow this to go on, so today we are putting both QSL and Wilmar on notice”.

“With the 2017 cane harvesting season approaching, the absence of cane supply agreements, on supply agreements and opportunities for growers to lock in strong forward prices in Wilmar mill areas is unacceptable for all sectors of the industry”.

Mr Cripps said the Queensland LNP had already given drafting instructions to the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel to draft further amendments to the Sugar Industry Act, in the event QSL and Wilmar failed to provide a commitment within 48 hours.

“Those milling companies and growers who already have cane supply agreements in place will not be affected at all by these amendments – in the same way as the previous changes were only triggered if growers and millers could not reach an agreement”.

“I am calling on the crossbench MPs in the Queensland Parliament to get behind the leadership of the Queensland LNP and put politics to one side in recognition that time is running out to get this sorted before the commencement of the 2017 harvesting season”.

Mr Cripps said the Queensland LNP had been waiting for the Federal Parliament to implement the 2015 recommendation of a Senate Committee Report calling for a sugar industry Code of Conduct and was disappointed no action had been forthcoming.


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