New Ingham Fire Station 2

Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, has expressed his pride and personal satisfaction, after he attended the official opening of the new Ingham Fire and Rescue Service Station, which was planned, funded and delivered by the former LNP Government.

Mr Cripps said after decades of problems and issues associated with the flooding of the former Fire and Rescue Service Station in McIlwraith Street, we was proud that the former LNP Government had finally got on with the job of relocating the station.

“For years I had been making representations on behalf of our local firies to find a new location for their station, due the absurd situation that existed where they had to pick up all their equipment, move out and relocate during a flood event” said Mr Cripps.

“When the LNP Government was elected in 2012, I was finally able to get the ball rolling and within three years we had secured the land, secured the funding and commenced construction of the new Ingham Station and that’s been very satisfying” he said.

Mr Cripps praised the full time and auxiliary officers at the Ingham Fire and Rescue Service Station for their professionalism and commitment to their jobs and to the local community and said they deserved a modern station to work from, protecting life and property.

“The local officers have been very patient, cooperative and supportive of the process that we have gone through to deliver this new facility and while it is long overdue, it is state of the art and I know they are very happy with their new station”.

“The site is flood free, which will significantly reduce the logistical challenges that the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service will have to overcome when they are responding to incidents in the Herbert River district during a flood event”.

Mr Cripps thanked former LNP Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Jack Dempsey, for the positive response to his representations to progress the planning, secure the land and fund the construction of the new Ingham Fire and Rescue Service Station.

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