The process for the redistribution of state electorates has been finalised with only minor changes to the earlier draft boundaries released by the Queensland Redistribution Commission (QRC).

Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, said the final boundaries for Queensland’s 93 state seats were released on Friday, largely confirmed the major changes that were proposed earlier this year.

Mr Cripps said there were two minor amendments to the draft boundaries for the Hinchinbrook electorate*, which would bring about major changes for the nature and character of the seat.

Palm Island will now remain part of the Townsville electorate and the communities of Tully Heads and Hull Heads will remain in Hinchinbrook, rather than be included in the new seat of Hill.

“Common sense has prevailed for the people of Palm Island – they will be relieved their service and transport links have not been cut in terms of their state representation” said Mr Cripps.

“However, I would be less than honest if I didn’t say I was extremely disappointed that communities at the northern end of my current electorate have not been included in Hinchinbrook” he said.

“I think it’s a very strange decision to separate communities between Cardwell and Silky Oak from communities between Cardwell and Innisfail when they clearly have so much in common”.

“I tried hard to convince the Queensland Redistribution Commission to reconsider its proposal to divide the Cassowary Coast Region just south of Tully, unfortunately without success”.

However, Mr Cripps said he was pleased with the choice of Feluga based farmer and contractor, Mario Quagliata, as the LNP candidate for the new seat of Hill, which now covered these areas.

“Mario is a true local who understands these communities well and I’m confident that he continue to provide the type of grass-roots representation they need in the Queensland Parliament”.

“The Hinchinbrook electorate will now include additional areas of north west Townsville, including Deeragun, Jensen, Rupertswood, Rangewood and parts of Shaw and the Bohle Plains”.

Mr Cripps said anyone interested in how the redistribution process impacted on them could access additional information on the QRC website


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