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Labor’s farmer bashing begins in lead up to state election

Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor resort to farmer bashing to win election Labor again distorts vegetation management figures to paint farmers as environmental vandals SLATS report still deceptively includes drought feeding and clearing for fencelines and fire breaks as ‘broad scale clearing’   The Palaszczuk Labor Government has resorted to the same old farmer-bashing and figure […]



Today marks one year since the Palaszczuk Government’s unfair and unnecessary vegetation management bill was defeated in the Queensland Parliament. In the six months leading up to the bill failing to pass, there was a groundswell of opposition to Labor’s draconian and ideologically driven vegetation management policies. As the LNP Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, […]


Labor lies continue on vegetation management

Labor continues to perpetrate lies over vegetation management practices in Queensland LNP reforms allowed farmers to sustainably manage vegetation and protect environment While Labor continues to demonise farmers, the LNP will stand up for them   Labor’s Environment Minister Steven Miles, continued to deliberately lie about the former LNP Government’s 2013 reforms to the vegetation […]


Scaremongering exposed in dishonest Green campaign

  Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) are being manipulated by green groups to trash the reputation of farmers Former LNP Government vegetation management framework was balanced and responsible Right to Information application has revealed green groups were using incorrect figures to exaggerate their claims The dishonest scaremongering of an alliance of green groups has […]

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The Palaszczuk Government has continued to pander to green activists and overseas bureaucrats while refusing to consult with Queensland’s farmers and landholders over important legislation, as it continues to manipulate environmental issues for political gain. Shadow Natural Resources Minister, Andrew Cripps, said Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s media statement following another meeting with UNESCO was a […]

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LNP laws continue to protect farmers and the Reef

• LNP’s vegetation management framework will continue to protect farmers and the Reef after Queensland Parliament votes down Labor’s extreme tree clearing       laws • Tonight’s result is a clear message to Labor that their failed Bill is fundamentally unfair and would have reduced productivity in our agriculture sector and threatened jobs in our regions • […]

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Labor defies committee recommendations to satisfy greens

  Labor ignores unanimous committee recommendations on vegetation management to gain green votes Palaszczuk Government’s laws mean farmers guilty until proven innocent Draconian laws condemned by farmers and legal fraternity The Palaszczuk Government will defy the unanimous recommendations of a parliamentary committee to amend its vegetation management bill to satisfy its preference deal and political […]


Labor’s fact-free vegetation management plan

                                     Labor being dishonest about vegetation management facts and figures Jackie Trad refuses to acknowledge important facts in SLATS report Labor inappropriately counts thinning activities as tree clearing The Palaszczuk Government’s campaign to overturn the LNP’s common sense vegetation management framework has forced them into a fact-free policy zone. Shadow Natural Resources Minister, […]

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Labor continues its scaremongering on vegetation management

Palaszczuk Labor Government ramping up its anti-farmer rhetoric in lead up to Parliamentary showdown on vegetation management laws Facts show 261,000 ha of land cleared under Labor’s laws in 2012-13 Annastacia Palaszczuk must consider impacts on farming families of her anti-agriculture legislation Vegetation management rates in Queensland have remained stable under laws put in place […]

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 The Palaszczuk Government’s dishonesty over the consultation process concerning proposed changes to Queensland’s vegetation management framework has been exposed during budget estimates this week.   On Wednesday, Natural Resources Minister, Anthony Lynham, was forced to admit the commitments he had given to rural stakeholders about the consultation process on Labor’s proposed vegetation management amendments had […]