Year 10 and Year 8 students at Ingham State High School have participated in a parliamentary education program involving visiting officers from the Queensland Parliamentary Education Office.


Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, welcomed the Queensland Parliamentary Education Officers to Ingham and the Hinchinbrook electorate as part of their outreach program to Queensland schools.


Mr Cripps said it was a great opportunity for the Ingham State High School students to learn more about the State Parliament and opportunities for people to participate in the democratic processes.


“It was great to have the opportunity to attend this event at Ingham High and speak to the students about the role I play as a local MP, representing the Hinchinbrook electorate” said Mr Cripps.


“The local, state and federal levels of government all have different roles and provide important services to local communities, so it’s good for students to understand those details” he said.


Mr Cripps said the Year 8 and Year 10 students participated in a knowledge based question and answer session, followed by a special session that focused on petitions and committee processes.


“The Queensland Parliamentary Education Office program puts a lot of effort into trying to make learning about the democratic process interesting and fun for the students who attend the session”.


“The content of the program is related to the topics that the students have covered, or are covering in their subjects at school, so the kids get a better idea of what they have learnt, or need to review”.


Mr Cripps congratulated Ingham State High School teachers and staff for giving students the opportunity to take advantage of the Queensland Parliamentary Education Office program.

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