The state election on 25 November will be an important day for the Hinchinbrook electorate and North Queensland. Our local communities and our region are going backwards under the do-nothing Palaszczuk Labor Government, propped up by minor parties and independents.


Too many jobs have been lost. Youth unemployment, in particular, is far too high. Electricity prices have increased by 70 per cent and crime, especially juvenile crime, is out of control – both as a result of irresponsible policies where Labor has put politics before the needs of people.


The Hinchinbrook electorate and North Queensland need a strong government that will create jobs, take action on the cost of living, support families, work to make our communities safe and build the infrastructure – such as roads, bridges and dams – we need to grow our region.


The LNP has released more than 50 policies across a whole range of issues and priorities for Queensland ( The LNP team has the experience and the enthusiasm to provide strong and stable leadership. We have learnt from our past mistakes.


I have the experience to provide strong representation for all communities in the Hinchinbrook electorate. I am a true local, having been born and raised in North Queensland. I am dedicated to the role of serving as the Member for Hinchinbrook. I am passionate about this job.


I know some people are frustrated with the political process and with political parties. I understand and respect that. However, if you are thinking about voting for a minor party, I urge you to think carefully about what has happened in the past in this situation – we get Labor Governments.


If you really want a change of direction for Queensland – if you really want to get Queensland moving again after three years of stagnation and indecision – we need an LNP Government and people need to vote LNP. A vote for a minor party is a vote for Labor. Don’t risk that.


The Palaszczuk Labor Government is going to run a very negative scare campaign at this election. They will do this because they have no record of their own to stand on. In contrast, the LNP team is offering a comprehensive plan for change and a better future for Queensland.

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