Hinchinbrook MP, Andrew Cripps, says a future LNP Government will ensure Queensland’s speed camera program is focused on road safety outcomes, not treating motorists as cash cows.

Mr Cripps said the LNP would reintroduce ‘speed camera in use’ signs for all mobile speed camera units across the state, to remind motorists to drive safely and not focus on catching them out.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government removed the requirement for mobile speed camera units to display ‘speed camera in use’ signs to inform motorists” said Mr Cripps.

“The confidence of the general public towards road safety initiatives like speed cameras is undermined if motorists feel they are just an exercise in revenue raising” he said.

“Labor is expecting a 46 per cent increase in speed camera fines and a windfall revenue stream of $194 million this year, but sadly, the road toll is higher than it was in 2014”.

“If Queensland is not securing a road safety benefit from the removal of the ‘speed camera in use’ signs, it’s difficult to argue with the public perception that the focus is on revenue”.

Mr Cripps said under the LNP, there would be a requirement to display the ‘speed camera in use’ sign in a prominent and unobstructed location, which was visible to all motorists.

“Let’s be clear, excessive speed is one of the ‘fatal five’ and mobile speed cameras can be used effectively to encourage road safety and penalise dangerous driving behaviour”.

“With fair enforcement, along with driver education and investment in safer roads, a future LNP Government will be genuinely seeking to lower Queensland’s road toll and save lives”.

Mr Cripps said many motorists felt trapped or tricked under the Palaszczuk Government’s policy of not displaying ‘speed camera in use” signs and believe the aim is to raise more revenue

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